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Plans for new Bierley business park APPROVED

Bradford Green Party condemn the decision by councillors in Kirklees to grant outline planning permission for a business park on the site of the former North Bierley Water Treatment Works.

The main access point for the new development will be a new junction at Cliff Hollins Lane and Mill Carr Hill Road - near Woodlands Primary School.

Responding to the news, Matt Edwards has said, “it’s disappointing that the councillors chose not to listen to the views of the local people and instead sided with developers.

“There is a lot of pressure on local councils to tackle air pollution and Kirklees councillors have just given the green light to a development which will result in a massive increase in large HGV vehicles driving near Woodlands Primary”.

Fumes from diesel vehicles contain high levels of nitrogen dioxide - a gas that has been linked to asthma and underdeveloped lungs in children.

To find out more about the Green Party’s plan to tackle our air quality crisis click here.