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Re-wilding the Pinfold in Tong Village

Following a request by Matt Edwards, Bradford Council have agreed to let The Pinfold in Tong Village become a haven for wildlife allowing it to ‘rewild’.

Matt Edwards at the Pinfold in Tong Village

Matt has been asked by Charles, aged 6, to ask the Council to stop cutting the grass and allow it to grow long and allow wild-flowers to grow.

The Pinfold was originally built to hold stray or loose animals until their owner reclaimed them.

Matt said, “by not cutting lawns, and allowing them to ‘wild’ this gives benefits for our wildlife including birds and hedgehogs.”

"It's great to see young people like Charles take such an interest in making our area better for wildlife."

The RSPB say that wild lawns provide home for lots of different insects that are eaten by birds and other wildlife.