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Leader of Greens on Bradford Council selected as party’s candidate for Bradford South

The Green Party has today announced Councillor Matt Edwards will be their candidate for the Bradford South constituency at the General Election on 4th July.

Matt Edwards standing with houses and blocks of flats of Holmewood in the backgroundCouncillor Edwards was first elected to Bradford Council in 2021 and was re-elected on May 2nd with one of the largest vote shares in Bradford. He represents Tong Ward which includes the communities of Bierley and Holmewood as well as Tong Village, Woodlands and Sutton Estate.

He has been a vocal campaigner on a variety issues, including fly-tipping, cuts to local services and protecting local countryside. He has most notably demanded more transparency from the Labour Mayor of West Yorkshire and the Combined Authority about issues caused by the closure of Bradford Interchange.

Councillor Edwards said, "I am honoured to have been chosen as the Green Party’s candidate for Bradford South. I love Bradford and I am incredibly proud to represent the communities across Tong Ward.

“But our district has been let down by both this shambolic Conservative government and the Labour-run council, both of which lurch from crisis to crisis of their own doing. Our city deserves better. I have shown that I can be trusted to listen to people across Bradford and be stand up for what is right.

“In recent years, more and more people have realised that far from being just about the environment, the Green Party stands for a way of doing politics totally differently where people are put at the heart of decision making rather than the profits of big business and the interests of the super wealthy. We know this could transform our city and our country.”

“It’s clear for everyone to see that our country is in a total mess: politics as usual hasn’t worked - we need a new approach. That’s why the Green Party has grown so rapidly – Over the last three years, more and more people have voted Green because they see the work our councillors do. The Green Party has grown dramatically in Bradford and the same could happen in this General Election.”

The Green Party have set up a fundraising page for people to contribute to Matt’s campaign: