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Tong Ward Green Party and community campaigner Matt Edwards have been campaigning on a number of big issues around Bierley Estate and Tong Ward.

This ranges from trying to tackle the fly- tipping problem in our area, protecting our green spaces and making the areas safer.

In 2019, Matt was within one vote of becoming the first Green Party councillor for Bradford South

If you have any issues that you want Matt to look into, please get in touch:


Twitter: @greenmattbfd

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Latest Planning updates

Bierley Planning Map
There have been several large planning applications submitted in and around Bierley over the last few years.

Adding up the current applications and planning applications already approved it could see: 256 new houses, 12 Industrial Units and a crematorium all built.

In addition to this, there is currently a planning application submitted to Kirklees Council to build an industrial estate with the main entrance opposite Woodlands Primary School.

"We need some new houses and developments here in Bierley but this is clearly too much.

Combine all of these plans with Bradford Council's plans to allocate parts of the Tong Valley for up to 2,000 houses this is going to mean more traffic and more demand for schools, doctors and dentists. 

Our area can't cope with all of this."

Matt Edwards - Tong Ward Community Campaigner

1A & 1B - Lockwood Farm - Plans to build around 150 houses. - 1 APPLICATION SUBMITTED, 1 APPLICATION NOT YET SUBMITTED

In 2018 a planning application to build 114 houses was approved by Bradford Council.

Since then, the site has been split in two with Keepmoat submitting a planning application earlier this year to build 67 houses on the bottom part of the field (1B).

Countryside Properties have written to residents living nearby and informed them of their plans to build 83 houses on the site.

This will increase the total to 150 - much higher than the original application.

Tong Ward Community Campaigner Matt Edwards has said, “Whist the official deadline has passed, a date to hear the application has not been set so you can still submit your comments”.

Planning Ref: 20/00174/MAF [Link to Planning Portal]

For more information click here.


2 - Shetcliffe Lane - Plans to build a crematorium - APPLICATION NOT YET SUBMITTED

Earlier this year, Bradford Council announced that the replacement for Scholemoor Crematorium would be built off Shetcliffe Lane.

In June, some residents living nearby were asked to take part in a consultation regarding the plans.

Since the plans were announced, Tong Ward Community Campaigner Matt Edwards has asked the Bereavement Service to hold a public consultation event to ensure as many people in Bierley were able to have their say on the proposals.

When the plans have been finalised, a planning application will be submitted so that anyone can comment on.


3 - Former playing field of St. John's Primary School - Plans to build 106 houses. - APPLICATION APPROVED

In 2018 an outline planning application was approved to build 106 houses. 

Bradford Council owned the land and submitted the planning application before selling it. The land is currently under offer with the estate agent Savills. [Link to T&A Story]


4 - Shetcliffe Lane - Plans to build 12 Industrial Units - APPLICATION SUBMITTED

A new planning application has been submitted to build 12 industrial units on wasteland at the top of Shetcliffe Lane.

The land is currently not being used and already surrounded by industrial units, so normally this would be the perfect location for this type of development.

However, taking into account all the applications, this will mean more traffic using Shetcliffe Lane.

In his comments, Matt has asked for measures to stop traffic from the site from turning left onto Shetcliffe Lane and into Bierley.

Planning Ref: 20/01839/MAF [Link to Planning Portal]


5 - Former North Bierley Waterworks - New "Super Warehouses" - APPLICATION SUBMITTED

There are currently two applications submitted to Kirklees Council in relation to North Bierley Waste Water Treatment Works.

One of the applications covers the access and the other would allow for the construction of a 230,000 sq ft logistics warehouse.

Matt Edwards said “the only access to this site from the M606 will be opposite Woodlands Primary School - which will create more air pollution and road traffic near a school. This is clearly dangerous.

“We need to explore other access to the site that does not come via Woodlands village.”

Phase 1 Planning Ref:2020/61/91488/E [Link to Planning Portal]

Phase 2 Planning Ref: 2020/61/91807/E [Link to Planning Portal]

For more information click here.

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