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Your local Green Party team and community campaigner Basit Khalid are campaigning on a number of big issues around Bowling & Barkerend Ward.

This ranges from trying to tackle the fly-tipping problem in our area, protecting our green spaces and making the areas safer.

If you have any issues that you want Basit to look into, please get in touch.


The Bowling & Barkerend Team

Latest Bowling & Barkerend Ward News

Bradford falling behind introduction of new cycle lanes

4th August 2020 | 0 Comments

Bradford Green Party calls on Bradford Council to implement Emergency Active Travel schemes as “a matter of urgency.” Bradford Green Party Councillors and Campaigners are calling on Bradford Council to move much quicker to put in place schemes using the ‘Emergency Active Travel Fund’ from the Government to encourage cycling across the district. Green Party campaigner […]

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