Let Bradford Breathe

Let Bradford Breathe

Air pollution is a big problem across Bradford District. One in twenty deaths is linked to the poor quality of our air.
The World Health Organisation links air pollution to heart attacks, strokes, asthma and underdeveloped lungs in children. It has also been linked to Alzhiemer’s Disease. It affects all of us.
However, not enough is being done to tackle this problem. Our elected officials are in denial about the air pollution crisis. 
Up to 70% of air pollution in urban areas is from road transport. Instead of trying to get traffic off our roads, the Labour-run council - supported by the Tories - want to build even more roads.
Earlier this year, Bradford District councillors from Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems voted to approve the construction an incinerator in the Aire Valley.
All of these schemes will have a negative impact on the health of people across our district.
Will you sign our petition calling for Bradford Council to introduce our four point plan to #LetBradfordBreathe?

Our Four Point Plan for cleaning up Bradford's polluted Air.

1) Ensure all buses and taxis meet low emission standards.
2) Reduce congestion on our busy main roads
3) Make walking and cycling easier and safer across Bradford District
4) Introduce "Clean Air Zones" to restrict the most polluting vehicles

What are Clean Air Zones?

On 17th December 2015, the government announced plans to introduce ‘Clean Air Zones’. According to the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs:
“Clean Air Zones will be introduced in Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton by 2020. These Zones will not affect private car owners, but will see the most polluting vehicles, like old buses, taxis, coaches and lorries, discouraged from entering the zone through charges.”
A YouGov survey suggests three quarters of people living in cities want a Clean Air Zone.
We think this is vital for Bradford – if bus companies will be charged to send their older, more polluting buses into Leeds, this means they will be diverted to Bradford and other areas in West Yorkshire. We need to get on to the list of cities which will become zones.

Latest News

Green councillors call for air pollution action in Shipley

Kevin Warnes Martin Love Saltaire

 30TH JUNE 2019

Councillors Martin Love and Kevin Warnes met recently with Clean Air Bradford campaigners and the Council’s lead officer on air quality to review what needs to be done.

Bradford Council is considering options such as: extra support for electric vehicles along the Aire Valley corridor and the creation of a Clean Air Charging Zone.


Green councillors demand action on Bradford air pollution crisis

Kevin Warnes Martin Love Saltaire

 26TH JANUARY 2019

Councillors Kevin Warnes and Martin Love have demanded Bradford Council do more to tackle the air pollution crisis across the district.

Both councillors attended the launch of Clean Air Bradford in Shipley on Saturday afternoon to speak to concerned residents and campaigners who want to see more being done to tackle air pollution in Bradford District.


Green Party call for U-turn on Keighley Incinerator as rates of waste being burned surges.

Celia Hickson

 20TH JULY 2018

New analysis by the Green Party reveals that by next year England could be burning more rubbish in incinerators than it recycles.

Local Green Party campaigners led by Celia Hickson have used this report to issue a call to the Environment Agency asking them to a refuse licence for the proposed Incinerator in Keighley.


 Amelia Womack launches '#LetBradfordBreathe' Campaign

Celia Hickson

 20TH JULY 2018

New analysis by the Green Party reveals that by next year England could be burning more rubbish in incinerators than it recycles.

Matt Edwards, spokesperson for Bradford Green Party, has said: “Not enough is being done to tackle this problem. both Labour and the Conservatives are in denial about the air pollution crisis.


Kirklees Council approve plans for business park with access next to primary school

 8TH MARCH 2018

Matt Edwards and Bradford Geen Party condemn the decision by councillors in Kirklees to grant outline planning permission for a business park.

"Kirklees councillors have just given the green light to a development which will result in a massive increase in large HGV vehicles driving near Woodlands Primary”.


Councillor Hawarun Hussain speaks about government advice to remove speed bumps to tackle air pollution



Bradford Green Party Councillor Hawarun Hussain has spoken out against the government proposal to tackle air pollution by removing speed bumps.

She says, “Speed bumps are not contributing to air pollution in the worst sites in our city. What is contributing is the sheer volume of traffic, the emissions it produces and the fact that the public transport network in Bradford is not fit for a city of this size.”


Green Party react with dismay as Bradford Council votes to APPROVE Aire Valley incinerator

Labour, Tory and Lib Dem Councillors have voted to approve plans for an incinerator at Keighley.

Green Party spokesman Matt Edwards said: "This is bad news for the people living in the Aire Valley. There is already a crisis in air quality across Bradford District and this scheme is going to make things worse".


Bradford Council bids to tackle growing concerns on pollution hot spots

Councillor Martin Love talks about Saltaire Roundabout in Shipley being added to the list of pollution hot spots.


Green Party calls for halt on £135 million Keighley waste-to-energy plant

Green Party call on Bradford Council to put local people first and refuse plans for ‘dirty’ Aire Valley incinerator.





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