It's time to get public transport back on track

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Sick of delayed or cancelled trains?

In 2019, rail users across Yorkshire will be paying more than ever before for unreliable services on trains that are not fit for purpose.  

Many of our cities here in Yorkshire are some of the most congested and polluted in Western Europe. We must prioritise clean and cheap public transport.



Late Train? Make the rail company pay!

The Delay Repay scheme lets passengers claim compensation from the train company if their journeys are delayed or cancelled.

To register or find out more, go to:

Did you know passengers on Northern services can now claim for delays of 15 minutes or more?



The Green Party wants to ...
  • Bring the railways under public control and end the expensive franchise system.
  • Co-ordinate public transport to reduce pressure on our congested roads and offer a real alternative to car travel.
  • Open additional stations to give all communities reasonable access to the rail service.
  • Invest in new infrastructure, by building more stations and re-opening old rail lines.
  • Scrap HS2. It is too expensive and will do too much damage to our environment and local communities - many of which are in Yorkshire.
  • Make all stations and trains fully accessible to everyone.


Sign our petition calling on the government to strip Northern and Transpennine Express of their contracts and make sure our trains are run for passengers - not shareholders.
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