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Campaigning at Shipley Station
Transport policy should be decided on the basis of public need – not for the benefit of corporate shareholders.  

Bradford Green Party welcome the two new stations that are due to open in Bradford District. The stations at Low Moor and Apperly Bridge are long overdue. 

However WY Metro and Northern Rail must do more to improve the services along the Airedale and Caldervale Line.

Bradford is one of the most congested and polluted cities in Western Europe. We must prioritise clean and cheap public transport.

Nationally The Green Party would:
  • Gradually bring the railways back into public ownership. 
  • Immediately reduce train fares by 10% to give commuters a much needed financial break.
  • Scrap the pointless and hugely expensive HS2 – a train line for the 1%, not the 99% of rail users. We want rail investment for Bradford!
  • Restore local government control over buses to improve provision, and give them preferential road space.  
In Bradford, The Green Party would:
  • Work with Northern to improve effeciency and reliability on the Airedale and Caldervale lines.
  • Push for longer and more frequent trains and more staff at the stations at peak times. 
  • Continue to ensure Bradford Council promote walking and cycling to help clear our congested roads.
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