Make Bradford Road 30mph

Make Bradford Road 30MPH

Throughout the year, Matt Edwards and the Green Team held street surgery around Bingley and asked what residents wanted us to look at.
One issue that came up time and time again, was speeding on Bradford Road.
This stretch of road has a dangerous bend followed by a steep decline in the approach to Beckfoot School. Outside the school there is a complicated T-Junction which is made more hazardous during and immediately after school hours. The close proximity to Beckfoot School, which has over 1,500 students means that road safety here must be a priority. We believe extending the 30mph zone on this road will increase safety for pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.

In response to this, Matt started a petition calling on Bradford Council to extend the 30mph speed limit on Bradford Road from Oak Avenue along past Beckfoot Lane.

Early in March 2017, Bradford Council's cheif engineer announced that the Coulncil would start a consultation on reducing the speed limit on Bradford Road to 30mph.

Under the proposals, the speed limit will be reduced from 40mph to 30mph from Oak Avenue to Cottingley Drive.

The plan also includes a part-time advisory 20mph zone outside Beckfoot School, to be operational at the start and end of the school day.

More than 300 local people have signed the Bingley Green Party petition for new traffic measures on Bradford Road and Matt commented "I am pleased that the hard work we have put into this campaign has paid off."

However, this news comes only a few days after the sad news that a young man from Bradford was killed in a major crash along the same stretch of road.

On this Matt added that "These changes only goes to show that our next steps must be to ensure that West Yorkshire Police enforce the new speed limit and appropriate action is taken against drivers who drive dangerously."

Under the Tories, police budgets have been slashed despite promises to protect them. Read this Guardian article to find out more



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