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Our government and council must do more to protect our planet for future generations.

In November governments are coming together in Paris for the UN Climate Change Conference.

They are set to sign a new global agreement to tackle climate change, which will commit all nations to different levels of responsibility depending on their circumstances as well as their negotiating skills.

As ever, the Green Party is calling out for real action. Yet in too many areas the policies being pursued by our government don't make sense for our climate. The government wants to expand airports, is promoting fracking, cracking down on renewable energy, and failing to divest from fossil fuels. All of this conflicts with the Tories declared climate change objectives; it doesn't make climate sense.

The measures we need to take to tackle climate change are good for our economy and our society. By creating a sustainable society we have a huge opportunity to transform our economy and our lives for the better.

Our campaign aims to expose this government’s lack of climate sense and help local communities to fight back against destructive policies.

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