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The Bradford District Green Party are committed to making our roads safer especially in residential areas and around schools.
We are currently focusing on making our neighborhoods are safer and quieter using pioneering 20mph zones.
In Shipley, our three Green Party Councillors have already successfuly campaigned for them in Nab Wood, Moorhead, Hirst Wood and Saltaire. Surveys show that average traffic speeds have dropped in three quarters of our streets - in one case, Bankfield Drive, by a third. The Green Party fight to make sure the council responds properly when speeding is a problem.
In Bingley, Matt Edwards has been campaigning to make Bingley Road near Bankfoot School a 30mph zone. In March 2017, Bradford Council announced they would start the consultation process to implement a reduced limit from Cottingley Drave into the existing 30mph zone in Bingley.
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Current Issues

Speeding on Bradford Road in Bingley
Throughout the year, Matt and the Green Team held street surgery around Bingley and asked what residents wanted them to look at. 
Speeding Traffic BingleyOne issue that came up time and time again, was speeding on Bradford Road.
Matt started a petition to ask the council to extend the 30mph speed limit on Bradford Road from Oak Avenue along passed Beckfoot Lane. Bradford Council have started to implement some of what we have called for.
Click here to find out more about this campaign.
Rat-running through Saltaire
The Green councillors have been worrkig with residents in Saltaire to improve the issue of speeding along various routes in the village - most notably Caroline Street.In late 2016, they met with concerned residents at the Caroline Street Social Club to discuss their traffic and parking concerns throughout the village. 
Hawarun, Kevin and Martin listened to residents who talked about the traffic issues they experience in the village and their ideas about possible solutions.
Cllr Martin Love describes the evening as “really useful” and reports, “We have passed every single piece of feedback along to the Council’s highways team and our colleagues on the Area Committee to inform future decisions”.
Nuicance HGVs in Shipley
The Green Councillors have been working with residents in Shipley were there has been an increase in HGV drivers diverting down their quiet residential streets. The have met with highway officers and submitted a petition to the Shipley Area Committee to get the issue addressed.

Past Successes

Saltaire Roundabout Improvements
For years the Green councillors have been pushing for changes to be made to the infamous Saltaire roundabout.
In October 2012, after much hard work, the Shipley Area Committee approved the replacement of the roundabout with a much needed junction which not only improved the flow of traffic at the busy interchange, but made things safer for both pedestrians and cyclists.
Roadworks started not long after and after six months the new junction was completed. Albert Road and Clarence Road which had both been used as rat runs were both closed off at the junction improving safety around Saltaire Primary School. The scheme also improved provision for public transport with the extention of the bus lane to the Bankfield roundabouts helping to reduce travel times from the Aire Valley to Shipley and Bradford.
This is a prime example of the Green Councillors in Shipley working residents and with the other political parties on the council achieved a great result for the residents of Shipley.
Ratrunning on Victoria Park in Shipley

The Green Councillors acted decisively in 2011 to stop rat-running along Victoria Park, and to protect children around St Walburga’s school, with a new junction by the main road (pictured) – overcoming sustained opposition from the Tories in the process.
The junction with Bingley Road is now much safer as it prevents drivers speeding past the school as they attempt to avoid traffic at Saltaire Junction.


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