Thank You Bradford GP


"This year, has been amazing and for that I wanted to give you the biggest thank you.

In Bradford, we have had our best ever local elections! We got our best ever result in Shipley and came within a whisker of breaking through in Tong. It's going to be an exciting twelve months!
Your support in the EU Elections not only helped me become Yorkshire and The Humber’s first Green MEP, but it also showed that a huge number of people are willing to fight for a better future.
By making a regular donation to the Green Party, you’ll make sure our voices are heard on every level - from the European Parliament to City Hall in Bradford and ensure no-one can ignore our message.
For as little as £5 a month (the price of a coffee and some cake) you’ll turn us into a force to be reckoned with on the international stage. You’ll help us fight for staying in the EU, for supporting immigrants, for saving the planet from the climate disaster and for standing our ground at every election to come.
Donate today and show everyone that this isn’t just a flash in the pan result.
Thank You
Yorkshire's first Green MEP 

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