Past Events

Film Showing: Full Bins, Empty Bellies, Lonely Lives

Saturday 4th February | 5 PM | Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, BD18 3EH

This Changes Everything

This documentary looks at three seemingly self-contradictory issues in the UK today: millions living in food insecurity while millions of tonnes of food are wasted every year, and at the same time so many people experience another type of poverty; loneliness.

What are the causes of this paradox? How can we join the dots to solve all three problems?

We were joined by two gues speakers, Natalie Bennett and Duncan Millwain from Saltaire Canteen. 


Duncan Milwain & Celia Hickson  Kirkgate Centre, Film Showing, Full Bins



Film Showing: This Changes Everything

Saturday 23rd July | 5 PM | Kirkgate Centre, Shipley, BD18 3EH

This Changes Everything

Bradford District Green Party would like to invite you to our film showing of "This Changes Everything". 

There will also be a number of stalls from local environmental groups so you can find out more about the work being done in our District and how you can be part of it.



Jean Lambert MEP: The EU, Immigration and the Refugee Crisis

Saturday 28th May | 1PM | Frizinghall Community Centre, Midland Road BD9 4XH

Jean Lambert Event

Jean Lambert MEP came to Frizinghall to outline the Green case for staying within Europe focusing specifically on the areas of immigration and the refugee crisis. She was also joined by Azad Ali from MEND who talked about the dangers of complacency and the importance of going to vote. 

Jean and Azad also took questions from the audience including what reforms she would want to see from the EU.