Bradford Green Party calls on the council to support WYPF divestment from Fossil Fuels

12 October 2015


£671 million of West Yorkshire council pension funds invested in fossil fuel firms

This month, the Green Party has launched it's new #CLIMATESENSE Campaign

One aspect of this is a campaign encourage our councils, universities and other publicly funded bodies to divestment from Fossil Fuels.

The Bradford District Green Party are calling on Bradford Council to support the campaign to Divest from Fossil Fuels.

  • West Yorkshire Pension Fund has 6.5% of its pension fund invested in fossil fuels
  • The WYPF is investing at least £300 per West Yorkshire resident in fossil fuels
  • Money is invested into multinational fossil fuel companies including £207 million in BP and £171 million in Shell.
  • With £671 million invested, the West Yorkshire Pension Fund holds the third largest fossil fuel holdings of all UK local authority pension funds.

What is Divestment?

Divestment is the selling of stocks, shares, bonds and other investments that are being used to fund fossil fuels.

We don't believe that any organisation that receives money from the our taxes should be supporting the destruction of our environment.

Fossil fuel investments are a risk for both investors and the planet, so we’re calling on institutions to divest from these companies.

What is WYPF?:

West Yorkshire Pension Fund is one the largest public services pension funds in the country.

It is run by Bradford Council on behalf of other councils 
across West Yorkshire and administers pensions for Local Government workers. As the council that manages WYPF, the vote in Bradford is very important.  

What can you do:

On 20th October, Bradford Council will vote on a motion to encourage WYPF to divest. Click Here to find contact details for your councillor and ask them to vote to support the proposal. 

Kirklees has already become the first council in West Yorkshire to support this campaign.

You can also Sign the petition and add your name to those opposed to our councils investing in Fossil Fuel.

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