Greens call on Shipley Liberal Democrats to back Sophie Walker

9 May 2017

Bradford Green Party are making a last-ditch call asking the Liberal Democrat candidate for Shipley to stand down and endorse Sophie Walker after Liberal Democrats failed to make headway in last week’s local elections.

The Green Party have already announced that their members voted overwhelmingly to endorse Sophie’s as a ‘progressive’ candidate.

Over the last week, Green Party members have joined Sophie’s team speaking to people on the doorsteps across the constituency.

Explaining the party decision, Councillor Kevin Warnes has said: “If the Green Party, the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats all field candidates against Philip in this election, the progressive vote will split and the Conservatives will win. Labour cannot provide the kind of broad cross-party progressive platform that will bring enough Shipley residents on board to win the day on the 8th of June.”

In last weeks local elections both Labour and the Liberal Democrats had a net loss of council seats across the country. 

Matt Edwards, the Campaign Coordinator for Bradford Green Party has said: "it's clear that neither Labour or the Lib Dems are successful appealing to voters. In fact, The Green Party was the only national party other than the Conservatives to end Friday with more councillors than we started with.

In a nearby by-election in the Craven Council ward of Aire Valley with Lothersdale (which includes the town of Cononley), the Green candidate Andy Brown defeated the Conservatives to be elected as the first Green Party councillor in that district

Matt continued, "Despite the success we have nationally and locally, we acknowledge that we alone can't beat Philip Davies. One of the things many Liberal Democrat voters share with Greens is the outrage at some of Mr Davies outdated views. It's time to usher in an era of grown up politics and work together."

Caroline Lucas MPEarlier last week, Brighton Liberal Democrats announced that they would not field a candidate in Brighton Pavilion against the Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas.

Matt added, "Last Week, Brighton and Hove Liberal Democrats made a brave decision which many in that area respect. I hope their colleagues in Shipley are able to find that courage and work with us to elect an independent MP we can be proud of"

In 2015, the Liberal Democrats came fifth with only 3.9% of the votes cast in the entire Shipley Constituency.

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