Green Party calls for rethink of Bradford's Local Plan

8 October 2017

Bradford District Green Party is calling for a rethink in the district's local plan after it has been thrown into jeopardy.

This has been sparked by a change in government guidelines that could see the number of houses required in the district reduced by 25%.

Caroline Lucas at Glenaire Primary The nationwide review which is currently out for consultation could result in the precious Green Belt land being saved from being marked for housing developments.

This week at the Full Council meeting in Bradford City Hall, the leader of the Green Group - Councillor Martin Love - will be asking how the Labour Group who run the council intend to respond to these proposals.

Martin has said “I am extremely sceptical that the number of homes the Council is looking at finding land for is either necessary or achievable. The reduction proposed in the government consultation document is welcomed.

“If the proposed changes are implemented here in Bradford then we can at least hope that much of our threatened Green Belt can be preserved.”

Bradford District Green Party have also called on the Council to use the recalculation of the numbers as an opportunity to completely rethink the city’s urban policy.

Caroline Lucas, Green Party co-leader visited Bradford earlier last month to meet campaigners from the Tong & Fulneck Valley Association who are fighting current council plans to earmark the area for large scale housing developments.

Matt Edwards, Bradford Green Party spokesman, said: "Across the district people are telling us that they are concerned about losing valuable green space to new development when at the same time vast areas of our city are crying out for redevelopment. 

“We are calling for the Council to use this recalculation of the numbers as an opportunity to completely rethink the city’s urban policy. We need to explore new ways to promote investment on brown field sites which will then lead to the redevelop our inner-city areas and the construction of the types of homes that we really need."