Green Party respond to government announcement on potholes

6 March 2019

Yesterday the Department for Transport announced that minister Chris Grayling has launched a consultation on increasing the guarantee on utility firms’ roadworks, so that if a pothole forms as a result within five years, the company must return to bring the road surface back to normal.

Matt Edwards by Bingley BypassThe proposals are to increase the minimum guarantee from the current two years to up to five years, and will also introduce new asphalt standards, to keep roads pothole-free for longer.

Matt Edwards, spokesperson for Bradford Green Party cautiously welcomed these proposals:

“On paper this sounds like a great idea. However, the current government has stripped Council budgets to the bone and as a result teams like the Highways Department are already struggling to keep on top of the work they have now.

“This is another example of the Conservative Party’s thinking that local authorities can do a lot more work, with far fewer staff and for a lot less money. It makes no sense.

"If they want action on pot holes it’s simple; give local authorities the resources to do the job properly.”