Green Party slams branch closures after latest leaves only one bank in Bradford South

23 September 2019

A Green Party campaigner is calling for government intervention after a bank closure leaves only one high street bank with a presence in Bradford South.

Matt Edwards Tong StreetLloyds Bank on Manchester Road closed for the last time last week (17th September) leaving only Santander on Folly Hall Road in Wibsey as the only bank still in Bradford South.

Natwest, Barclays, Yorkshire Bank and HSBC have all shut branches in the south side of the city over the last few years meaning most people will need to travel to Bradford City Centre or neighbouring towns to visit their bank.

Matt Edwards, who has been selected to represent the Green Party at the next general election in Bradford South has said:


“As someone with a background in banking, I know how much local branches are valued by people, especially people that still are not ready to switch to online banking.

“It is about time the government finally put their foot down and said enough is enough. Banks are meant to be a service so they need to make sure they are working for everyone – not just the most wealthy.”

A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation revealed that Bradford South was the seventh most deprived community in Yorkshire.

Matt added: “Once again, this is every day people who are bearing the brunt of austerity and corporate greed."

Earlier this year, Lloyds reported an after-tax profits of £1.2 billion in the first three months of this year but they are still pushing ahead with branch closures.

This trend has also seen by research by consumer group Which? Who claim that the loss of free ATMs is affecting poorer areas more heavily.

The analysis by Which? shows nearly 10% of free cashpoints across the country had been removed or switched to fee-paying during a 17-month period.