Green councillors urge residents to avoid setting bonfires

25 April 2020

Two Green Party councillors are urging residents to avoid setting nuisance bonfires in the back yards to burn waste during lockdown.

Martin Love Councils across the country have reported an increase in complaints about nuisance bonfires due to household waste centres being closed.

Councillor Martin Love (Shipley) has said: “These are difficult time and I completely understand that many people are having clear-outs at home or doing some DIY.

“The tips are closed for a reason – to keep staff and the public safe. If you need to get rid of waste, it is not a big ask to just keep it at home.

“If you are doing a big job and that isn’t practical then skip hire companies are still opening and dispose of the waste safely that way.” The Bradford Council website says

“If your garden bonfire is causing too much smoke, or you are having too many bonfires, you may be approached by the Environmental Health Service and asked to put out your bonfire, and/or to reduce their frequency.”

Councillor Rachael Drucquer, a town councillor from Bingley added: “Many people are strictly observing government guidelines and staying at home now. With the weather being as lovely as it is, people are wanting to get some fresh air by sitting in the garden only to be forced back in doors because a neighbour has decided to light a bonfire.

“Bonfires are a nuisance for most of us but for people with respiratory conditions – the very people most at risk from the current pandemic – are especially affected by smoke.”