Green Party calls for a green infrastructure programme to create ‘Green jobs’ across Bradford 10 years after 2008 economic crisis

13 September 2018

Bradford Green Party have welcomed a report by The Green New Deal Group which, if implemented, would mean hundreds of new skilled 'green' jobs across Bradford District.

Plans for 113 houses on Bierley greenbelt approved by Bradford Council

22 August 2018

Bradford Green Party has reacted with disappointment that a Bradford Council Committee has voted to APPROVE a planning application to build 113 houses on Spen View Lane.

Green Party councillor calls on Bradford Council to take the lead and dump tobacco investments.

14 August 2018

Bradford Green Party call on Bradford Council to take the lead and dump tobacco investments after an investigation by The Guardian uncovers that West Yorkshire Pension Fund is the largest public investor in tobacco stock.

Green Party welcome the first year in over a decade that grouse shooting has not taken place on Ilkley Moor

11 August 2018

On the 12th August this year, the Green Party will be welcoming the first year in over a decade that grouse shooting has not taken place on Ilkley Moor.

Green Party call for U-turn on Keighley Incinerator as rates of waste being burned surges.

20 July 2018

New analysis by the Green Party reveals that England is on the brink of burning more rubbish in incinerators than it recycles. Green Party campaigners call on the Environment Agency to refuse licence for Keighley Incinerator.

Bradford Green Group leader slams council U-Turn on Richard Dunn

04 July 2018

Councillor Martin Love questions the plans to build a retail park on the Richard Dunn site saying that it should be earmarked for housing to reduce demands on greenbelt. Retail Park plans contradict strategy to increase investment in the City Centre.

Shipley Green Party councillor calls on council to put the brakes on demolition of 'iconic' pub

25 May 2018

Green councillor raises concerns about scheme which could result in little improvement in traffic flows and increase pollution near local primary school. Concerns also raised about the lack of consultation or feasibility studies undertaken before purchasing the landmark pub.

Green Party slam Labour's unsustainable housing plans for Bradford

16 May 2018

A green party councillor has spoken out over the Labour-run council’s “reckless disregard” for local communities as they give the greenlight for hundreds of new homes on the greenbelt.

Bradford Greens launch 2018 Local Election Campaign

06 April 2018

Bradford Green Party its strongest ever local election campaign with hopes of increasing the number of Green councillors in Bradford.

Amelia Womack launches 'LetBradfordBreathe Campaign

12 March 2018

Today, Amelia Womack, the deputy leader of the Green Party visited Bradford to launch a clean air campaign called “Let Bradford Breathe”.

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