Green Party accuse the government of ‘falling at the first hurdle’ after Paris summit.

16 December 2015

Bradford District Green Party are appalled that MPs have “fallen at the first hurdle” after the Paris summit by voting to allow fracking under our national parks and other protect sites.

Why I belong to the Green Party

18 November 2015

One of our members Norma Russell writes about why she is a Green.

Bingley; Milner Field, Gilstead

New planning permission application at Milner Field

17 November 2015

Today a new planning permission application has been submitted to develop Milner Field, this time it is seeking permission to demolish the Milner Field farm buildings. Matt Edwards and the Bradford Green Party unequivocally opposes the development of the beautiful part of the Aire Valley.

Why we must campaign to leave the European Union

13 November 2015

The first in our series of blogs considering the upcoming EU referendum. Joshua Bastow argues that we must vote to leave the EU.

Bradford Green Party selects local election candidates for Shipley & Bingley.

13 November 2015

The Green Party in Shipley and Bingley has selected their council candidates for the local elections in May 2016.

Matt Edwards writes to bus companies to ask for Talking Buses

09 November 2015

Matt Edwards, Bradford Green Party's Campaign Coordinator has today written to the managing directors of two of the main bus companies in Bradford District, asking them to look at upgrading their fleet to be 'Talking Buses'.

Shipley & Bingley Greens strongly oppose development on Milner Field

26 October 2015

The Green Party in Shipley and Bingley strongly opposes the new proposed development of a Research and Business Park on greenbelt land at Milner Field.

Expansion at Leeds Bradford Airport is short-sighted and will damage greenbelt land

14 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party has added its voice to the criticism of new plans to construct a new link road to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Bradford Green Party calls on the council to support WYPF divestment from Fossil Fuels

12 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party are calling on Bradford Council to support the campaign to Divest from Fossil Fuels.

Levy on plastic bags a missed oppurtunity

04 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party welcome the new 5p levy, but we believe that the law does not go far enough.

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