Shipley & Bingley Greens strongly oppose development on Milner Field

26 October 2015

The Green Party in Shipley and Bingley strongly opposes the new proposed development of a Research and Business Park on greenbelt land at Milner Field.

Expansion at Leeds Bradford Airport is short-sighted and will damage greenbelt land

14 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party has added its voice to the criticism of new plans to construct a new link road to Leeds Bradford Airport.

Bradford Green Party calls on the council to support WYPF divestment from Fossil Fuels

12 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party are calling on Bradford Council to support the campaign to Divest from Fossil Fuels.

Levy on plastic bags a missed oppurtunity

04 October 2015

The Bradford District Green Party welcome the new 5p levy, but we believe that the law does not go far enough.

Labour rejects calls to support the abolition of trident.

04 October 2015

At his first Labour Party conference as Labour Leader, Corbyn's plans have been scuppered by his own MPs and Union leaders who refused to debate the change in policy.

Bradford Greens criticise government's energy policy as two Yorkshire schemes cancelled

25 September 2015

The Bradford District Green Party have criticised the government’s dangerous energy policy following the news that two key projects for sustainable energy here in Yorkshire have been scrapped.

VW Scandal: The contempt big businesses have for our society and our environment is starting to show

24 September 2015

The Volkswagen scandal highlights the unreported damage that car travel is causing our communities and our environment and how our government is ineffective in dealing with it.

Police label Caroline Lucas as an extremist

20 September 2015

Last week a number of news outlets including the Daily Mail and Times Educational Supplement (TES) reported that at recent PREVENT programme training in Kirklees, Police Officers labelled Green Party MP Caroline Lucas as an example of an extremist.

Meet Andy Robinson

15 April 2015

Andy was born, bred, educated and still lives in Bradford South. He had the honour of captaining Bradford Northern (now called Bradford Bulls). He is looking to be elected to represent the people of Bradford South as their MP.

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