Greens call for Highways England to step in over Interchange 26 access issues

28th September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Green Party candidate for the first West Yorkshire Mayor has called for a meeting between Highways England, the developer and both local councils to discuss access concerns to Interchange 26 development. Councillor Andrew Cooper from Kirklees District Council (Newsome Ward) has written to Jim O’Sullivan, the chief of Highways England; Jeff Penman from Tungsten […]

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Green Party campaigner calls on contractors to ensure cycle lanes are not blocked by road work signs.

27th September 2020 | 0 Comments

A Green Party campaigner has called on contractors carrying out roadworks in Bradford to ensure cycle lanes are not blocked by road work signs. Darren Parkinson, a keen cyclist, contacted Bradford Council after Northern Gas Networks placed temporary road signs related to road works which obstructed the cycle lane down Stanley Road. The cycle lane […]

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Green Party responds to new Hokey Cokey rules for parts of Yorkshire

18th September 2020 | 0 Comments

In response to the announcement by Government that they are reintroducing coronavirus restriction across the whole of Kirklees, Bradford and Calderdale, Councillor Andrew Cooper the Green Party’s West Yorkshire Mayoral Candidate said: “This Hokey Cokey method of taking some areas in and out of local lockdowns is not working. If we make changes they should […]

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Former Deputy Mayor of Bradford selected to run for Deputy Mayor in 2021 West Yorkshire Mayor Elections

16th September 2020 | 0 Comments

The Green Party has become the first national party to announce its candidate for the 2021 West Yorkshire Mayoral elections – and in what is thought to be a first, will run on a double ticket for both Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Councillor Andrew Cooper, the leader of the Green Group on Kirklees Council was […]

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Concerns raised about pavement parking on Tong Street as government starts national review

31st August 2020 | 0 Comments

A community campaigner has raised concern that action is not being  taken to stop dangerous pavement parking outside shops on one of Bradford’s busiest roads. Dangerous pavement parking outside the shops on Tong Street, which is part of the A650, has been a problem for years and Matt Edwards, the Green Party’s Community Campaigner for […]

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Response to Bradford Council’s claims that it has not failed Holmewood residents

30th August 2020 | 0 Comments

Matt Edwards, the Green Party campaigner for Tong Ward has responded to claims by Bradford Council that it has not failed the people of Holmewood. Following a planning meeting on the future of the Holmewood Social Club on Wednesday (26th August), Bradford Council was accused of failing the people of Holmewood. This came following the […]

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Bradford Green Party welcome protest bike ride “Ride the Noise” to Lister Park

29th August 2020 | 0 Comments

Bradford Green Party campaigners will be at Lister Park this afternoon (Saturday 29th August) to welcome the “Ride the Noise” bike ride which is raising awareness of the expansion at Leeds Bradford Airport. The bike ride is being organised by the Group for Action on Leeds Bradford Airport (GALBA) in response to the planned expansion […]

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Calls for Incommunities to sort out blight site in Bierley

20th August 2020 | 0 Comments

A community campaigner has demanded that a community housing company get their act together after derelict land in Bierley is constantly blighted by fly-tipping. Matt Edwards, the Green Party community campaigner for Tong Ward has called on Incommunities to sell the land on the corner of Fairfax Avenue and Hyne Avenue or build houses on […]

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Bradford falling behind introduction of new cycle lanes

4th August 2020 | 0 Comments

Bradford Green Party calls on Bradford Council to implement Emergency Active Travel schemes as “a matter of urgency.” Bradford Green Party Councillors and Campaigners are calling on Bradford Council to move much quicker to put in place schemes using the ‘Emergency Active Travel Fund’ from the Government to encourage cycling across the district. Green Party campaigner […]

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Shipley councillor welcomes news that 5G mast NOT classed as “permitted development”

31st July 2020 | 0 Comments

Green Party Councillor Martin Love has welcomed the decision by Bradford Council to not class the enlarged 5G mast on Bingley Road Shipley as a permitted development. Councillor Love and his ward colleague Kevin Warnes had raised concerns that this mast was significantly larger and more imposing than the one it was meant to replace […]

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Green Party respond to increased lock down rules in Bradford

31st July 2020 | 0 Comments

The Green Party has responded to government announcements of new lock-down measures across Bradford District and other areas of Northern England. Councillor Martin Love, leader of the Green Party Group on Bradford District Council, said: “The government’s lacklustre approach to track and trace has failed. “Announcing major new lock-down measures on Twitter with less than […]

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Community clean up in Holmewood

27th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Volunteers have carried out a community clean up in Holmewood and hope to use this as a launchpad for further action days. The group organised by Matt Edwards, Green Party Community Campaigner for Tong Ward, spent a few hours on Saturday morning tidying the passage between Andover Green and Tyersal Lane at the north end […]

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Redevelopment Holme View Care Home in Holmewood welcomed.

21st July 2020 | 0 Comments

Matt Edwards, the Community Campaigner for Tong Ward has welcomed news that work has started to take place to redevelop a notorious “grot spot” as much needed social housing. The former Holme View care home, in the centre of Holmewood, has become a focal point for anti-social behaviour in the last twelve months. West Yorkshire […]

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Greens call for re-think of warehouse plans

18th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Planning Ref: 2020/61/91807/E Deadline for comments: 29 July Greens from across district lines have called for a rethink of plans for a new warehouse near Oakenshaw which would see the main road access near Woodlands Primary School. Earlier this month, Tungsten Properties submitted the first detailed application for the one of the warehouses planned North […]

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Plans for the road through the Tong Valley have been thrown into disarray

14th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Plans for the road through the Tong Valley have been thrown into disarray after a committee of Bradford Council voted not to proceed with the first stage of the planning. The Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee refused to approve to the procurement of consultants to develop the business cases for the proposed South […]

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Green campaigner calls on Bradford Council to ditch South Bradford Link Road

13th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Matt Edwards, Green Party Community Campaigner for Tong Ward has joined campaigners and community groups are urging a committee of councillors to reject proposals to proceed with the South Bradford Link Road. An exact route for the road hasn’t been announced but it is likely the road will continue from the end of the Drighlington […]

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Re-wilding the Pinfold in Tong Village

13th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Following a request by Matt Edwards, Bradford Council have agreed to let The Pinfold in Tong Village become a haven for wildlife allowing it to ‘rewild’. Matt has been asked by Charles, aged 6, to ask the Council to stop cutting the grass and allow it to grow long and allow wild-flowers to grow. The […]

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Green councillor calls for action on “Blight site” following latest planning refusal

10th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Shipley’s Green Party councillors call for Bradford Council to use the ‘Blight Site Fund’ to take control of the derelict Hirst Wood Garden Centre in Saltaire following the refusal of the latest planning application for three houses. Shipley Ward Green Party councillors have welcomed this week’s planning decision to refuse consent for new housing on […]

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Bradford Green Party launches coronavirus recovery plan

6th July 2020 | 0 Comments

Bradford Green Party has unveiled their plan to help ensure Bradford’s recovery following the coronavirus crisis is a green recovery – putting people and our environment at the heart of plans to reinvigorate our local economy. The Green Party coronavirus recovery plan called “A Greener Future for Bradford” is calling for an array of measures […]

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Green Councillors welcome Shipley Town Council Climate Declaration

26th June 2020 | 0 Comments

Green Party district councillors for Shipley Ward welcome the Climate Declaration by the newly formed Shipley Town Council. At the meeting on 25th June, town councillors voted in favour of a motion which would see the Council looking to encourage people and businesses in Shipley to reduce their carbon emissions. Councillor Martin Love who represents […]

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