Darren Parkinson

Darren Parkinson

"My name is Darren Parkinson and I am the Green Party Candidate for Bradford West.

I live in Bradford with my partner and two children. I have studied at both Hull and Bradford Universities and work as a Learning Disability Nurse for the NHS, working with Disabled Children and their families.

Tackling the Climate Crisis remains the most pressing challenge of our times. I am an active member of my local Green Party where I am Secretary and Vice-Chair. I am passionate about Green politics, environmentalism and community activism - I believe in getting involved to make a difference - and am currently working with a number of community and environmental organisations.

Addressing the Climate Emergency is my number one priority. Introducing a Green New Deal will be at the heart of my vision of how we can transform our economy and society to tackle the crisis.

Working in public services, I also see first hand the impact of Tory austerity. I will fight to ensure our NHS and other public services are properly funded.

I believe in the power of politics to make a difference in people's lives, and if elected as a Green MP for Bradford West I will work tirelessly to ensure that the needs of our planet and people are prioritised so that we can live in a greener, kinder and more just society."


Contact Details:

Email: darren.parkinson@greenparty.org.uk 

Twitter: @DarrenBar88

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