Kevin Warnes for Shipley

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Kevin campaigns against cuts to public services, for green affordable transport and against fuel, food and financial poverty.


Kevin Warnes, 49, has been a Shipley ward councillor on Bradford Council since 2004. He lives in Shipley with his partner and two daughters, both of whom attend a local secondary school. He also teaches Politics and History at a Sixth Form College in Leeds. 

Kevin and the other Green councillors on the roof of Shipley Pool

During his eleven years as a local councillor, Kevin has worked closely with resident organisations to improve Shipley’s neighbourhoods. He has achieved wins for local residents on quality of life issues like traffic, housing and recycling. He has campaigned successfully for Council action on energy and climate change, setting up Bradford’s pioneering Environment and Climate Change Unit and securing multi-million pound investments in renewable energy projects in Shipley and across the wider Bradford District.

Kevin is determined to “challenge the government on the need to deal with climate change and improve the quality of life in our communities”. As Shipley’s new MP, he will campaign for:

• a Green New Deal for Shipley, more support for our local shops and a living wage for all;

• more investment in home insulation and low carbon renewable energy to cut gas and electricity bills for Shipley households;

• an end to NHS privatisation;

• a railway in public hands and proper investment in sustainable transport to reduce road congestion and air pollution across Shipley;

• an end to the bedroom tax and more affordable homes to ease Shipley’s housing crisis;

• properly funded public services for the good of all Shipley residents.


If you would like to hear what Kevin has to say, you can come along to these hustings events in April:

Monday 20 April, 7.30, St Mary's Church, Main Street, Burley-in-Wharfedale

Tuesday 21 April, 7.30, St Peter's Church, Moorhead Lane, Shipley

Wednesday 22 April, 7.30, St Cuthbert's Church, Wrose Road, Shipley

Thursday 30 April, 7.30, Bingley Baptist Church, Clyde Street, Bingley





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