Matt Edwards

Matt Edwards

Matt first stood in Tong Ward in 2015 and campaigns across the local community on a variety of issues.

Matt is also the prospective candidates for Bradford South in the next General Election.

Matt has been campaigning on a number of big issues in Tong Ward including fly tipping and making the areas safer. Matt has also been a prominent campaigner against Bradford Council's plans to build a new link road through the Tong Valley.

Matt lives with his partner and dog and, when not campaigning in the local community, works at a high street bank helping people to manage their financial affairs.

As a Green Party councillor, Matt would be a strong, independent voice for the different parts of Tong Ward and will work for you all year round.

Unlike the other parties, the Green Party doesn’t tell its councillors how to vote and lets them do what’s best for the area they represent.


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Twitter: @greenmattbfd

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