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Expansion at Leeds Bradford Airport is short-sighted and will damage greenbelt land

The Bradford District Green Party has added its voice to the criticism of new plans to construct a new link road to Leeds Bradford Airport.

The link road running from the A65 in Rawdon to the airport will cut right through unspoilt greenbelt land and there is no evidence that it would reduce congestion in any meaningful way.

A number of local groups such as Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group (Facebook | Twitter) have already voiced their opposition to these plans.

Matt Edwards, spokesperson for the Bradford District Green Party has said “we cannot afford to lose any more greenbelt land to short-sighted and unsustainable development”

“Whilst the Green Party opposes the expansion of airports, we acknowledge that where they already exist, we must prioritise the provision of good quality public transport to and from the airport.”

“The LBIA Connectivity study published last year outlined the long term benefits of improved rail links to the airport but Leeds Council has chosen to ignore these proposals. It has instead proposed three different road links all of which will have a harmful effect on the local area and our environment. We should not be investing public money in building roads for roads sake.”

The Green Party recognise that aircraft are one of the most energy intensive and polluting forms of transport and they burn more fossil fuel per passenger or ton-mile than other modes of transport.

"We seek a reduction in the amount and impact of air transport.