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Letter: Make the rail companies pay for poor performance

The beginning of January is a significant time of the year for many people. As someone that commutes to work by train, it’s when I know I will be paying even more to be crammed on to a busy - and often late - rush hour train service to get to work.

But this year it feels even more of an insult after nearly eight months of disruption brought about by the May timetable changes and strikes brought about by Northern's unwillingness to reach an agreement with the RMT union.

We all know that our railway network isn’t fit for purpose and something urgently needs to happen.

But, that doesn’t help rail users like me when we are stood on the platform waiting for a late – or worse still cancelled - train. There feels like there is little we can do except wait – or if you can, ditch the train altogether. Rail users must make the rail companies pay for their incompetence – literally.

The Delay Repay scheme lets passengers compensation for late running service. Yes, the compensation doesn’t make up for being late for work, or missing an important meeting but it is only right that we are fully compensated for a service that does not get to the destination on time.

The more it costs the companies who are being paid to run these inadequate services, the quicker they will act. Many season ticket holders don’t realise they can claim too!

Earlier this month, the compensation scheme for passengers delayed as a result of a Northern Train service was extended so even a delay of 15 minutes can be claimed for.

More information can be found on the website of the rail operator of the service that causes your delay.

Matt Edwards

Bradford Green Party