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Green Leader on Bradford Council responds to the budget

Councillor Matt Edwards, the leader of the Green Party on Bradford Council, has responded to the latest Conservative budget that offers little for most people in Bradford.

Councillor Matt Edwards stood with his arms crossed in front of Bradford City Hall.Councillor Edwards said, “Bradford has suffered under fourteen years of economic mismanagement by this Conservative government. Our district needs investment in public services but all this government had to offer was a tax bribe that benefits the richest 1%.

“Public services across the country are struggling. NHS waits are getting longer, dentists can’t be found, while anyone travelling by train or bus, or visiting our town centres feels the lack of investment all around them.

“There was no mention of extra support for local councils that would help Bradford avoid devastating cuts to local services. All the Chancellor offered was the empty talk of increased ‘productivity’ without any detail on what that actually means. Bradford – indeed the whole country - deserves better.

“In the run up to this budget, the Green Party have proposed more funding for public services and a proper green investment programme paid for through a wealth tax on the multi-millionaires and billionaires. We need an economy where everyone pays their fair share and the super wealthy have been let off the hook for too long.”