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A crematorium on Northcliffe Park? Your Green councillors say “No!”

Shipley's Green councillors are working closely with the Friends of Northcliffe to ensure that the Council does not build a crematorium in the park to replace its existing facility at Nab Wood.

Councillors Kevin Warnes and Martin Love have urged senior Labour councillors to exclude Northcliffe Park from their search for a site for the new crematorium.

They will challenge them again when the Council next meets in October.

Kevin explains his view “this huge proposed development, with its new access roads and car parking, will irreparably damage a green open space that is cherished by thousands of Shipley residents.”

Cllr Martin Love adds that he is “very confident that we will persuade Labour to think again.”

He also urges local residents to write to Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe (the Labour Leader of the Council) at City Hall asking her to rule out building a crematorium in the middle of our wonderful public park.