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Greens re-select Andy Stanford to stand in Bradford East

Bradford District Green Party has announced its candidates for Bradford East the next general election – which could be on 14th October.

Andy Stanford has been re-selected to represent the Green Party in Bradford East.

“It is an honour to once again represent the Green Party in the upcoming election – one that may come sooner than expected.

“We are hurtling towards 31st October when the UK is meant to leave the EU and we still don’t have a deal in place, or even a plan how to get one. The new prime minister has already shown that he is not fit to lead our country.

“The Green Party are the only party that have consistently been honest about the problems facing our country – we need to fix our broken political system and we need to fix the biggest political crisis of our generation – the climate crisis. We need to build a country that works for everyone – not just the likes of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and the rest of the Etonians in the Conservative Party.

“He has no mandate for his catastrophic no-deal Brexit and, as of yesterday, not even a majority in Parliament.”

This follows announcements earlier on this year that Celia Hickson will represent the party in Shipley, Matt Edwards in Bradford South and Darren Parkinson in Bradford West.