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Shipley Green campaigner does his own lock-down litter pick

A local campaigner from Shipley has been using his daily exercise time to help clean up his local area.

Darren Parkinson, a Green Party campaigner from Shipley has been using his daily exercise time to litter pick near his home.

On Monday (13th April), Darren and his young family collected five bags of waste and assorted rubbish from Sleningford Woods.

Darren says, “So far we have cleared away bags of rubbish as well as an old ironing board, water butt, pair of shoes and loads of plastic pollution.

“There is still lots more to do and I intend on doing as much as I can during the lockdown period to help get this woods free from the rubbish that has blighted it for years."

Current guidance from the government has said people can leave their homes for exercise once a day.

The charity Keep Britain Tidy advises that individuals can do litter-picks when they go out for a walk as long as they follow government guidelines and take precautions such as wearing gloves.

Residents across Bradford have reported an increase in fly-tipping during the Coronavirus. Bradford Council, like most councils across the country, has been forced to close all household waste recycling centres across the district as it prioritises staff resources during the coronavirus crisis.

On Wednesday (15th April), walkers in Bierley Woods reported finding a mattress and parts of a bathroom suite dumped in the woods.

Matt Edwards, Green Party community campaigner for Tong Ward which includes Bierley, said, “It is really important that if people are having clear outs at home, or doing some DIY that they keep the waste at home until the household waste sites are reopen.

“The tips are closed for a reason – to protect staff and to stop the virus spreading. The last thing Bradford Council needs to be clearing away fly-tipping.”