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Government pushing an “anti-cycling narrative that is making things far more dangerous for cyclists”

The Green Party Transport and Healthy Streets spokesperson has accused the government of pushing an “anti-cycling narrative that is making things far more dangerous for cyclists”.

Councillor Matt Edwards stood outside Bradford Forster Square with arms crossed

This comes following statements from Grant Shapps, the Transport Secretary that cyclists should have number plates, be insured and subject to speed limits.

Matt Edwards, who is also a councillor for Tong Ward on Bradford Council said:

“If we are serious about tackling the Cost of Living Crisis and the Climate Emergency, we need to get people out of their cars and - for many people, especially in urban areas - cycling is the cheapest and easiest way for people to get around.”

“This latest announcement is not based on facts and is another example of Grant Shapps trying to shift focus from a Conservative government that has no idea how to tackle the big problems we all face. The Netherlands and Denmark have much higher rates of cycling than the UK and they know that a registration scheme for cyclists is an expensive folly that would be impossible to administer.

“Most road traffic accidents in the UK, especially those with fatalities, are caused by reckless car drivers - not cyclists. The anti-cycling narrative this government is pushing is actually making things far more dangerous for cyclists.

At the last General Election, the Green Party called for a Green New Deal for transport which would involve spending £2.5 billion a year on new cycleways and footpaths, built using sustainable materials.