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Statement on Bradford Council overspend

Following the announcement that Bradford Council faces an overspend of £68m in the coming year, the Leader of the Green Party Group on Bradford Council said: 

"We can't get around the fact this announcement today is bad news for taxpayers in Bradford. We have had many years of significant Council Tax rises whilst every day services many of us use have been significantly cut. Today's announcement is going to mean even more cuts to service.

"Last year, in his pitch to Conservative Party members, this Prime Minister bragged about diverting funds from Northern Councils - like Bradford - to wealthy, mostly Conservative-controlled council's down South. The announcement today really needs to be seen in that context.

“Whilst poor decisions have been made over the last twelve years by the current Labour administration, Bradford is not alone in facing this financial pressure.

"We really need the government needs to lift its head out of the sand and deliver a funding settlement for local councils that allows us to provide the services tax payers need – and deserve.”