Green Party calls on Bradford councillors to back radical action on climate change

25 July 2019

Bradford’s Green councillors have called for more action by Bradford Council six months after the authority became one of the first in the country to “declare a climate emergency.”

Bradford Environment Scrutiny CommitteeBradford’s Green councillors have written to a group of senior councillors – all members of Bradford Council’s Regeneration and Environment Overview and Scrutiny Committee - to call for much more ambitious action to deal with the climate emergency.

The committee met on Wednesday at City Hall to discuss what the Council should do next to cut greenhouse gas emissions in Bradford. 

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Councillor Martin Love, the Green Party member of the committee, says: “There are financial and other constraints on what we can do here in Bradford. But other councils have taken impressive action in response to the climate emergency and we should follow their lead.

“Bristol City Council has agreed it will become a net carbon neutral organisation by 2025, plus the same for Bristol as a whole by 2030, and already has a plan in place to achieve this ambition. Why are we not doing the same?”

Councillor Kevin Warnes, an alternate Green Party member of the committee, agrees: “A much more ambitious approach is required here in Bradford and the wider Leeds City Region. Kevin Warnes, Extinction Rebellion Leeds

“After all, Bradford Council chairs the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) and is therefore in a unique position of leadership. We should press WYCA for a stronger response to the climate emergency and take action here in Bradford. Our policy-making should not be geared to the lowest common denominator.

“We disagree profoundly with the Leader’s statement in last week’s full council that, when it comes to climate change “there is no point in Bradford Council acting on its own”.

"This committee meeting on Wednesday is a vital staging post in our efforts to decarbonise Bradford and develop a radical climate strategy and action plan to take us beyond 2020.”