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Caroline Lucas calls on local people to speak out against housing plans

Caroline Lucas visited Bradford District this weekend and used it as an opportunity to meet members of the The Tong and Fulneck Valley Association.

The association oppose the plans to build nearly 2000 homes in the Tong Valley in between Tong Village and Holmewood.

Caroline called on the council to use their powers to rethink the allocations process and utilise the vast areas of brown field sites across the district.

“People care about green spaces. They know they are the lungs of a city and I want them to know that they have a voice to speak up against development that is not right.

“The Green Party is working towards keeping these spaces from development but local people can also help by objecting to green spaces being earmarked for houses.

“Help the Green Party help you. When people add their voices together and get organised they can stop things happening. It’s not a case of Nimbyism but being sensible and looking at better alternatives. People need to believe what a difference they can make.”

Matt Edwards, a Green Party spokesperson has said "there is a real danger that our city will become a donut with vast areas of the centre being left behind whilst housing developers carry on building houses in the countryside around the city"

"There is a historical significance to Tong Village that will be lost if developers get their way. Places like Clayton, Thornton and Heaton have already been enveloped by urban sprawl and we need to stop this happening elsewhere."

The proposed homes would be built within the 20 years and would help Bradford Council meet a Government target to build a possible 41,000 homes in the district by 2026.

Bradford Green Party have been calling on the council to re-evaluate these figures based on new demographic information which shows reduced demand.