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Green Party respond to increased lock down rules in Bradford

The Green Party has responded to government announcements of new lock-down measures across Bradford District and other areas of Northern England.

Green Party Councillor Martin Love standing in Shipley Market PlaceCouncillor Martin Love, leader of the Green Party Group on Bradford District Council, said:

"The government’s lacklustre approach to track and trace has failed.

“Announcing major new lock-down measures on Twitter with less than three hours' notice on the night before Eid is shambolic to say the least, while placing the blame on individuals is nothing short of unforgivable.

"The Government has to take responsibility for its own failings, including its increasingly mixed and confusing messages and a test and trace system that is clearly not fit for purpose.

"Boris Johnson, Matt Hancock and other ministers must stop blaming communities for the pandemic.

"We need to start transferring money and responsibility to the local public health teams who are already in place with the necessary expertise and trust within their communities to deliver an effective and transparent test and trace system."

The Green Party has also criticised inconsistencies within the initial announcements as it becomes clear that Bradford District will be subject to restrictions that other areas mentioned won’t.

Councillor Love added,

“The Government's initial announcement was clearly ill thought out and it has moved the goal posts consistently throughout the day.

“It now looks like Bradford will also see additional restrictions as indoor gyms and other sports facilities will have to remain closed.”