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Khalid Mahmood selected for Heaton Ward

Local Community Campaigner Khalid Mahmood has been selected to stand as the Green Party candidate for Heaton Ward in the local elections next year.

Khalid Mahmood stood on an area of Green Space in Heaton Ward

Khalid is a local estate agent serving the area for two decades.

He has been involved in many community groups and has been helping local residents with various issues over the years.

Khalid said: “It is time that Heaton had an active voice to serve in the ward that residents would hear from all year round - not just because there is an election.

Green Party councillors are independent and don’t just have to do what they are told to by Party bosses. That means, if elected next May, I will be free to stand up for the community and put local interests first.”

Heaton Ward has elected a Green Party councillor before and have been the main opposition to Labour in the ward.

Khalid added, “Greens are a growing force in Bradford and I am proud to have been selected as our candidate for Heaton.”