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MORE housing planned for Bierley

Concerns have been raised about overdevelopment in Bierley following the submission of another planning application to build houses in the area.

Celia Hickson stood in front of the former playing field at St. John's Primary School in Bierley. There is a large metal fence around the site.Gleeson Homes have submitted an application to build approximately 106 homes on the former playing fields at St. Johns Primary School off Shetcliffe Lane in Bierley.

This follows the approval of 82 houses on the north part of Lockwood Farm at the corner of Shetcliffe Lane and Spen View Lane and a further application to build 100 houses on greenspace off Bierley Lane.

Celia Hickson, a Green Party community campaigner for Tong Ward said,  “Residents in Bierley are understandably feeling under siege with the volume of planning applications being submitted to build houses in the area.

“We have already seen planning applications for nearly a hundred houses approved by Bradford Council late last year, and now developers are looking to build hundreds more.

Bierley just can’t cope with more traffic, and local services like doctors, dentists and schools are already full. Bradford Council is looking to reduce congestion on main roads like Tong Street, but what is the point if they are just encouraging more houses?”

Celia has also raised concerns that Bradford Council was selling a playing field and suggested that this should be used to provide recreational facility for young people.

Celia said: “We have seen examples of anti-social behaviour in Bierley over the last few years and instead of selling the land to housing developers, I am disappointed that Bradford Council has not looked at ways of making it work for the community.

“There is a big need for things for young people to do and this land could have been used to provide outdoor playing fields, a good quality skateboard area or even something more ambitious.”

If you want to comment on the planning application at the playing fields at St. John’s you can do so online at: