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Green Party Deputy Leader visits Bradford as part of local election campaign

The Deputy Leader of the Green Party and England and Wales visit Bradford District to join local campaigners for the upcoming local elections.

 Zack Polanski, who is a member of the London Assembly, stopped in Bradford as part of a small tour of Yorkshire.

He joined Ros Brown and local campaigners in Ilkley, where the Greens finished less than 100 votes off the Conservative candidate in last year's elections.

He later travelled to Heaton, another closely contested ward where Khalid Mahmood finished just behind Labour in the lost elections.

Zack said, “It has been great to visit Bradford District today to see the amazing work local campaigners are doing right across the District.

“Last year the Greens doubled the number of councillors in Bradford District from three to six and this year the party is hoping for more big gains here.

“A vote for a Green Party candidate is a vote for the local community. Whether it’s speaking up for green space or pushing for action to make transport more affordable and accessible, having a Green in your community is someone who will be a vital person speaking out on behalf of residents.”

Councillor Matt Edwards, (Tong Ward) leader of the Green Party group on Bradford Council said, “We are the opposition to the big two parties here in Bradford.

“We are the only party challenging both Labour on how they run our Council and the Conservatives nationally for their mismanagement of our economy and public services.

“We have Councillors right across the District from Craven in the very North to Tong in the South and this year we are hoping to elect even more. Green councillors have a reputation for being hard working councillors and campaigners and it’s a record I am very proud of.

“As councillors we will continue to push for action to clean up our local environment, tackle fly tipping and rubbish issues and demand more support for community groups. We will also continue to hold our Labour-run council - especially on their failures to improve Children’s Services.”