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Petition to save local store reaches 1000 signatures

A petition to save a local shop has been signed by over a thousand local residents.

Anna Watson in front of Shipley WilkosGreen Party councillors from Shipley launched a petition following the announcement that Wilko was set to close their Shipley store in February.

Already 1100 people have signed the petition which calls on Wilko, the landlord and Bradford Council to meet and renegotiate the lease to prevent the prominent unit being left vacant.

In early February the company announced a delay in the closure with an announcement that the Shipley store will shut in November, as the new date agreed between the firm and the landlord.

Some residents left comments on the petition with one signatory stating, “I will always be grateful for the everyday items the store provides, and so I would be gutted if the store closed”

Anna Watson, a Shipley Town Councillor and the Green Party candidate in the upcoming local elections said, “It has been great to see the strong public support for our Wilko store and I am glad this has been noticed by the company management.

“We hope that between now and November, Wilko, the landlord and Bradford Council use this time to work out a solution to keep the store in Shipley.”

You can still sign the petition online at: