Today the Green Party is launching our Greens for a Better Europe Campaign.

14 March 2016

Today the Green Party is launching our Greens for a Better Europe Campaign. On June 23rd every one of us has an equal vote in the referendum, and an equal chance to have a say in the future of our country.

The EU protects us from the worst extremes of the Tories

29 February 2016

Matt Edwards argues that we need the EU to help protect us from the most extreme government in a generation - one that barely has a democratic mandate and that is going far further than Thatcher would have dared.

Natalie Bennett is visiting Bradford District

29 January 2016

The Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett will be visiting Gilstead and Bradford on Tuesday 2nd February. She will be going to Milner Field Farm to meet the farmer and his family to talk about the plans and how damaging they will be for the village of Gilstead.

Bradford Green Party call for real action on flood defences after years of Tory cuts.

04 January 2016

In the wake of the Boxing Day storms, Bradford District Green Party have called for a clear change in environmental and planning policy and real investment in food defences across Yorkshire after years of cuts and poor planning decisions.

Green Party accuse the government of ‘falling at the first hurdle’ after Paris summit.

16 December 2015

Bradford District Green Party are appalled that MPs have “fallen at the first hurdle” after the Paris summit by voting to allow fracking under our national parks and other protect sites.

Why I belong to the Green Party

18 November 2015

One of our members Norma Russell writes about why she is a Green.

Bingley; Milner Field, Gilstead

New planning permission application at Milner Field

17 November 2015

Today a new planning permission application has been submitted to develop Milner Field, this time it is seeking permission to demolish the Milner Field farm buildings. Matt Edwards and the Bradford Green Party unequivocally opposes the development of the beautiful part of the Aire Valley.

Why we must campaign to leave the European Union

13 November 2015

The first in our series of blogs considering the upcoming EU referendum. Joshua Bastow argues that we must vote to leave the EU.

Bradford Green Party selects local election candidates for Shipley & Bingley.

13 November 2015

The Green Party in Shipley and Bingley has selected their council candidates for the local elections in May 2016.

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